Keyboard shortcut to Hide or Show SSMS Results Pane

In the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) query window, after you execute the query, by default the editor is shown on the top half. Results, Messages (and optionally the Execution plan) are shown on the bottom half of the query editor window. You can drag the results window up and down to get more or less space for the editor, or you can use Ctrl + 'R' to hide or show the entire Results pane.

Here is the query editor window with Results pane shown:

Query editor window with results pane shown

...and with Results pane hidden:

Query editor window with results pane hidden

To toggle between Editor, Results, Messages and Execution plan, press F6.

In Tools -> Options -> Query Results -> SQL Server -> General
you can switch between default 'Results to Grids', 'Results to Text' and 'Results to File' option for displaying the query results.

Default destination for results in ssms

If you leave the default 'Results to Grids' option for displaying the results, you can set to 'Display results in a separate tab' and 'Swith to results tab after the query executes':

Results to grid option in ssms