How to Assign F5 Keyboard Key to Refresh Items in SSMS Object Explorer

In SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2012, the global View.Refresh keyboard key (F5) was changed to Debug.Start by default.
When you try to refresh some object list using F5 keyboard key, for example the list of databases, or tables in Object Explorer, it opens debug instead of refreshing the list.
Here is how to change F5 keyboard key from debug to refresh:

In SQL Server Management Studio, go to:
Tools -> Options:


Expand 'Environment' -> expand 'Keyboard' -> Click 'Keyboard' -> In the 'Show commands containing:' box enter Refresh to find View.Refresh command:


If the 'Shortcuts for selected command' field is empty, or has some other key than F5:

f5_key_refresh_shortcut_for_selected_command 'Press shortcut keys' field press the F5 key on the keyboard:


You can see now for what command is the F5 shorcut currently used for:


To assign the F5 shortcut to Viev.Refresh, click 'Assign':


Press 'OK' to confirm the change: