How to Implement SSIS Package Checkpoints

To implement SSIS package checkpoints, you need to configure three package properties and one task or container property for every task or container that you want to be the restart point:

Package properties:

CheckpointFilename: specify the name of the checkpoint file.

-Never: The package will not use checkpoints.
-If Exists: If a checkpoint file exists in the specified location, then it will be used. If the checkpoint file doesn't exist and the package fails, the file will be created (if other three properties are correctly set).
-Always: The package will always use a checkpoint file. If the checkpoint file does not exist, the package will fail.

SaveCheckpoints: must be set to true for the package to save checkpoints.


Task or container property:

Set FailPackageOnFailure to true for every task or container that you want to be the restart point in the case of failure.


The checkpoint file is automatically deleted if the package runs successfully.

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