Backup a Single Table in SQL Server using SSMS

There is an option to create a script using SQL Server Management Studio that you can use to recreate the table and the data in the table:

1. Right-click the database and choose Tasks > Generate Scripts:

2. In the Choose Objects pane, select the table you want to script

3. Chose where to save the script, you can save it to a file, to Clipboard, or to a new query window.
In the Set Scripting Options pane, click Advanced.

4. In the Types of Data to Script option, choose Schema and Data if you want to script table schema and the data in the table. You can choose to script "Schema only", "Schema and Data" or "Data only". If you want to include the actual data, be aware that the script file may become large, depending of the table size.

Click 'Next' through the remaining screens:

...and you will get a script for recreating the table with data.

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