List all endpoints in SQL Server

SQL Server endpoint is the entry point, or a way to connect to SQL Server instance.
There are 5 system endpoints that are automatically created and that can't be dropped (you can only start or stop them), one for each protocol (TCP/IP, Shared Memory, Named Pipe, VIA), and one endpoint for the dedicated administrator connection (DAC).

To list all endpoints in a SQL Server instance, you can query sys.endpoints catalog view that contains one row for each endpoint:

select * from sys.endpoints

list all sql server endpoints

ID of the endpoint with an ID less then 65536 is a system endpoint.

If you try to drop a system endpoint:

DROP ENDPOINT [TSQL Default TCP] will receive the following error:

Msg 7873, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
The endpoint "TSQL Default TCP" is a built-in endpoint and cannot be dropped. Use the protocol configuration utilities to ADD or DROP Transact-SQL endpoints.

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